MODERN HAIR SOLUTIONS LLC, was discovered by Cristina Sanchez former owner and operator of Sahara Hair Studio LLC.The well known artist is internationally accredited in cosmetology and recognized by the world organization of arts and Techniques located in the United Kingdom well known as OMAT & HABIA.

Since 2002 the artist has built her reputation by working in several of metro east prestigious hair and beauty studios and hair show with Matrix products, she continues to expand her knowledge by attending seminars and classes to stay on top of the latest hair creations in the industry, the artist opened Sahara Hair Studio LLC in 2005, this is where she been practising her work, she discovered that she wanted to help woman with all their beauty needs  this is where she merge into opening Modern hair solutions in 2014 , if you suffering from hair loss , wanting extra length, volume, color ,  MODERN HAIR SOLUTIONS is the answer. CRISTINA SANCHEZ also thought to complete the beauty needs  of her customers it will be great making sure that they have  a healthy, smooth and radiant skin , she created RUBIA COSMETICS & SKIN CARE.

MODERN HAIR SOLUTIONS  bring you RUBIA COSMETICS This  line is manufactured in Canada by one of the largest manufacturing labs in the industry, they provide us with the best quality cosmetics and skin care that the beauty industry can offer .


MODERN HAIR SOLUTIONS LLC: Sells to everyone, wholesale and public due to our ability to reach directly to the factories we provide our client with high quality for better prices.


MODERN HAIR SOLUTIONS LLC: Only works with the highest quality , non Processed 100% Remy Virgin hair and the best quality products in the industry.

We like to distinguish our hair in two types.

5A Hair Quality: Is remy unprocessed, not virgin, virgin hair is always remy but remy is not always virgin, this is cuticle run in the same direction to prevent shedding and tangling. This type of hair comes from more than one donor.

6A Hair Quality: Is virgin hair unprocessed, no chemical treated in any way it is 100% natural, so there is no damage to the cuticle which protects the hair from the element. Our hair is hand selected for quality assurance virgin hair extensions are naturally soft and beautiful. Great care is taken so that all the cuticles run the same direction to prevent tangling, this type of hair comes from one donor. 

Modern Hair Solutions LLC is committed to ensure quality by making sure the process of the hair collection and the manufacturing are of the highest standard. This process assures the long lasting, reusable and beautiful hair, with proper care there will be no tangle, no shedding, no puff. Our company focuses on the customers satisfaction, each bag of hair will be checked before delivered to its final destination. 

MODERN HAIR SOLUTIONS:The CEO of Modern Hair Solutions is currently in the process of farthing her vision to provide hair solutions for all women, by creating a special line of natural and beautiful wings and hair pieces for women who have suffered extreme or sudden hair loss due to illnesses such as cancer,diabetes, or autoimmune conditions. High quality, yet affordable hair solutions is what we intend to provide for these beautiful women who deserve the finest products the industry has to offer.

 Thank You