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SmartSolutions . products are based on multiple high-quality  plant extracts , natural oils and proteins .all are potent the hair from the sun, heat & mechanical  damage these paraben free products retain hair color longer while conditioning the hair. list  of extract base of  Aloe leaf  , Chamomile flower , Sage leaf , Rosemary leaf , Nettle , Seaweed, Menthol , Yarrow , Jojoba oil. Organ oil, Kukui seed oil, Wheat Protein , Quinoa Protein ,Soy Protein

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NATURAL REMEDIES , unique formula contain specially selected natural ingredients that have been prove to restore moisture, promote new growth, and strengthen your hair. Each product has been tested and formulated to leave your hair feeling softer, silkier,and healthy that ever before.

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The hair salon philosophy, to create beautiful and functional hair solutions for women from all walks of life. It was at Sahara Hair Studio, where Ms. Sanchez discovered her a strong desire to reach and create solutions for women with ANY hair need. If a woman suffers from severe hair loss, or just desires to add some length or volume, or even if adding color without chemicals is her wish, Modern Hair Solutions, LLC is the answer.

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Hi! I’m Cristina with 13 years of experience

Modern Hair Solution, LLC was discovered by Cristina Sanchez the owner and operator of Sahara Hair Studio LLC. As a well-known artist in the world of creative hair care design, Ms. Sanchez is internationally accredited and acclaimed in cosmetology. Her work is also recognized by OMAT and HABIA, world-class organizations on cosmetology arts and techniques in the United Kingdom. Since 2002, this artist has built her reputation by working in several of metro-east prestigious hair and beauty studios.

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