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Modern Hair Solutions



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Brazilian hair" is characterized by a soft feel, medium luster, and thickness with natural durability that holds well under various temperatures and conditions. It is also a deep natural black color that approximates what is known as color (1B). 

MODERN HAIR SOLUTIONS LLC: Only works with the highest quality hair, non Processed 100% Remy Virgin hair. We like to distinguish our hair into two types.

All of our models are real from our salon and they use our hair.

6A- Hair Quality: Is virgin hair unprocessed, no chemical treated in any way it is 100% natural, so there is no damage to the cuticle which protects the hair from the element. Our hair is hand-selected for quality assurance virgin hair extensions are naturally soft and beautiful. Great care is taken so that all the cuticles run in the same direction to prevent tangling, this type of hair comes from one donor.

5A- Hair Quality: Is Remy unprocessed, not a virgin, virgin hair is always Remy but Remy is not always virgin, this is cuticle run in the same direction to prevent shedding and tangling. This type of hair comes from more than one donor




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